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ARC11793 Help is always needed in the various aspects of maintaining, improving & developing our museum displays at Toddington. Locating, dismantling, moving & reassembling old structures and similarly finding, renovating, & displaying artefacts involve a wide range of tasks and if anyone living within a reasonable travelling distance of Toddington is interested in assisting with any aspects of this work, please contact Greg Wigg by one of the means shown on our Contacts page. Our museum displays cover a wide range of collectible items, many of which are not railway related, so detailed railway knowledge is not necessarily required, just an interest in setting up fascinating features to attract public interest. The adjacent images show a recent interesting project, a large station clock seen before dismantling at Kays warehouse in Worcester prior to its recent closure. This was donated by Kays Heritage Group due to the need to vacate the premises and it is currently stored in pieces at Toddington awaiting full restoration, although the movement in the right hand picture has already been restored.

As can been seen from other areas of this site, we are already heavily involved in the archiving of photographs, but we would like to get more involved in creating an archive of sound recordings, both the conversion of old tape recordings and oral interviews by by digital means of peoples recollections. If this is to be done properly, it needs someone to organise all aspects of this work as although there are a number of people around interested in such work and prepared to assist, there is presently no one with the time to organise & co-ordinate it. If interested in this please contact Tony Bowles by one of the means given on our Contacts page. ARC11795


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